Services & Products

Energy and Lighting Design Audits

Our experienced auditors and the NewBase Power operations team conduct a detailed audit of your current lighting system and assess its performance. Your lighting is evaluated for efficiency, wattage used, light output generated, quality of light, and uniformity. The findings are analyzed and the client is provided with a comprehensive audit with recommendations of what components should be converted to what technology and the associated savings. This serves as the basis for the detailed design of your new lighting system.

Lighting Design and Engineering Services

The design of your new energy efficient lighting system is critical. Using information generated during the energy audit, the designer takes into account the nature of the work being performed in a particular area when determining the appropriate light levels. The Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) publishes recommended levels for every imaginable application that serve as a guideline.  We will design the desired light output that is energy-efficient, cost-effective and low-maintenance. 

Financial Analysis and Financial Services

All energy efficient lighting projects are governed by energy and financial considerations that will deliver savings over future months and years. The proposed energy conservation measure (ECM) for each line item is based on specifications developed with input from site personnel to identify specific lighting needs and usage and the desired financial objectives, both short and long term.  We provide written estimates for the installed cost of each energy conservation measure and calculate the payback and energy savings for the proposed project by site.

Communication and Information Management

We carefully design the project lighting system according to the identified specification and in accordance with the established timeline.  A qualified project team will be assigned and all interface and management protocols are determined. Periodic project updates are provided to the client. 

Certified Contractor Network

NewBase Power’s Certified Contractor Network (CCN) provides qualified and licensed contractors to undertake all aspects of the lighting renovation project.  Each of our qualified contractors meet a stringent certification program which mandates safety training; OSHA safety requirements; and operational excellence.  Under our direct supervision these CCN contractors will perform your projects safely and in full accordance with all State and  Federal health and safety requirements.

Project Close-Out

Each client is provided a final project documentation package from NewBase Power detailing each aspect of the project.